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Cosmetic DentistAre your teeth affecting your confidence? If you have crooked, discolored, or missing teeth, we can help you get the straight, bright white smile you’ve always wanted. At Modern Dental at Flying Horse, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services in house and work closely with a network of specialists for additional procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Our cosmetic dentistry services include:


Veneers: Also known as laminates, veneers are thin films made of resin or porcelain that adhere to the surface of your teeth. With the help of a dental professional, veneers can improve the color and shape of your smile as well as strengthen your teeth in the process.


Whitening: If DIY or store-bought teeth whitening products aren’t cutting it, schedule a whitening appointment at Modern Dental at Flying Horse. Our methods are highly effective, safe, and will last you much longer than drugstore remedies. Learn more about our whitening options.


Implants: Dental implants are small, permanent posts that are secured into your jaw bone. They can be used to support a crown, bridge or denture, or to fill in a single missing tooth. Dental implants last a lifetime if you care for them properly, and luckily, they require no more maintenance than your natural teeth. Learn more about dental implants.

Missing Teeth Restoration

Restorative dentistry aims to fill in the gaps in your smile and revive the look, shape, and feel of your natural teeth. Many of these services are necessary if you have lost your teeth due to disease, but they also function as cosmetic solutions that can boost confidence. If you have recently lost a tooth and are still in pain, we offer emergency dental services.

Some of our restorative services include:


Bridges: This type of dental appliance can replace a missing tooth or teeth by attaching to the adjacent teeth or dental implant. A dental professional will custom make a bridge to fit your mouth specifically. In some cases, they may need to reduce your natural teeth to ensure a snug fit.


Crowns: A crown is a protective cap that fits over an existing tooth or implant. Crowns protect your teeth by preventing larger cavities and stopping decay from spreading before it compromises your tooth. Your dentist can help you choose between a porcelain or metal crown depending on your needs and budget.


Dentures: Whether you’re getting fitted for your first set or you’re in need of a new one, our dentists are here to help. Our goal is to make sure your dentures do their job while staying comfortable and secure. As your mouth changes with age, you will likely need to repair or replace your dentures every 3-8 years to maintain your smile.

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